Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another long break between posts! Yikes. Between children, the magazine and a series of unforunate colds and illnesses things have been rather hectic in our household. While I do hope to make blogging a more consistant thing it is currently lower on the list of "to-do's!"
Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine is really coming along. The first Print Issue has been sent out and will be in everyone's hot little hands soon (if you don't have it already!) It is so cool to see this magazine develope from the ground up... From the designing to getting articles together, etc... I have a whole new appreciation for the publication industry and the work that goes into creating magazines! wow. If you would like to see Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine on your hometown newsstands please stop in and chat with your local market or scrapbook store and send them over to for more information on how they can carry the magazine.

It is so neat though to see the magazine in my hands. Looking at the pages and reading each article made me realize that the magazine is so user friendly and really geared to help both the traditional and digital scrapbooker as they start merging their talents together. The limitlessness of what you can do is really blossoming and as everyone starts looking at it more objectively I believe that the term 'hybrid' scrapbooker will become very commonplace in the industry.

The magazine is offering gift subscriptions. If you'd like to buy one for a friend or relative simply go to I love gifting people with creative magazines and I'm sure you are going to LOVE the April/May issue! I can't wait to hear what people have to say about it.
(thank you Julie Ann)

As a note for those of you keeping up, anytime to complete a challenge I offer here please email me (kristi (AT) scrapbookdimensions (DOT) com) and give me a link to where I can see what you've created. As this blog grows, I will also be offering other incentives... so don't hesitate to keep me up to date on what you're creating!
Challenge # 3
Focus on Photos
From the daily pictures to the seated portraits... Pictures play an important role in EVERY scrapbook. So this challenge is all about the pictures. I'd like to see how you can creatively use your photographs.
For the digitally minded - maybe create a photomontage and then print it in a 5x7 or 4x6 and put it into a traditional layout.
For the traditionally minded -try printing your pictures onto the background paper of your design, using them as an accent rather than a main photo.

If you come up with some creative ways to use your photos in a hybrid layout please send me a link! I'd love to come see what you've made and keep in mind that you can submit your layouts to Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine as well!
Happy Hybriding!


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