Saturday, January 13, 2007

I have been having such a great time scrapbooking lately. With the infussion of hybrid techniques I'm able to get back to my traditional roots while keeping my love for digital alive. It is fantastic. Unfortunately don't have any hybrid pages to display right now but I'll go ahead and add in some recent pages from the digi-side.

This is a layout of my parents when they were out here visiting Nov of '05. It was their anniversary and so we took them out to dinner and of course did our best to embarrass them! :) IT WAS FUN!!!

I just love my parents so much. They are just great and are good sports. It was wonderful to share their anniversary with them and to be able to spoil them a little. They have done so much for is just nice to give back :)

I loved that the place where we ate made them get up and "play" with the anniversary song!

Jordan and Jade love chocolate... and so do I so we went one day to a local chocolate factory to eat some!It was enjoyable :)

Of course I think the kids enjoyed it a little more than I did. They had a lot of questions about how chocolate is made and where it goes once it is made. They wanted to know why people like it and we also read about the first time chocolate was sold. It was fun!

I'm finally getting to the summer pictures from '06 ! The children loved our pool this year. Both of them learned how to swim, dive and float on their backs. I decided that it is just easier for me if they are both swimmers! So we worked really hard to get them comfortable in the water. By the end of the season we were having a fantastic time in the pool.

I put together a montage of the two of them in the pool swimming, diving and floating. I just love the way it turned out! Fun stuff... makes me anxious for summer again... although I could do without the extreme heat!


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