Friday, January 13, 2006

Frozen Dew By and (C) Kristi McFadden


I think I live my life inside of it. Everything around me screams a form of art... sounds, words, feelings, colors.... all of it becomes a form of art to me... It is an odd thing, I'm sure, to actually sit and think about it but I cannot help wondering how many people experience life this way. I love it. I cannot live without it. I actually go through withdrawl if I do not take enough time to express and live within my own artistic feelings.

My children have definately brought art to me in a different form. Through their eyes I am remember a different part of my life where things were so magical and wonderous... seeing a bird fly in the sky, watching fish in a pond, exploring the leaves on the ground... Children definately view the world with a sense of wonder... I have really grown to appreciate their perspectives (even when I'd like to skip the 'stop to smell the roses' part!) Their need for constant exploration has given me time to review and reconnect with a softer, more sincere side of my life. While it is not always easy to enjoy their 'timing' I have found that through these moments I am able to survive the tougher times of attitudes and breakdowns with them. I also love watching them develope their inner art... their love for music, dance, drawing, writing, singing... all of it.

I have found that looking at life this way has really helped me adjust to living somewhere, despite my dissatisfaction with the location. I have found ways to just appreciate the subtlties of it all. The small things that etch their own pictures into my mind and heart. It does not erase the things I long for from places I cannot be and yet it definately gives me a moment where the art, or expression, brings me that simple joy I need to continue on until the next moment.

Art is my sanity and my insanity!


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