Saturday, December 03, 2005

Just about anytime I sit down at the computer I get distracted. While I love some of those distractions most of them are unwelcomed when I'm trying to escape into my den of creative thoughts.

I've spent the last few weeks busier than I expected. While my children definitely are my top priority I sure wish, at times, that I could simply 'pause' them.

I recently pulled out some longer sleeved clothes as the weather has cooled. I enjoy layers. You can always add more but you can only take so much off and still be hot! Cool is good.

We went to see Paul McCartney perform out here. That was awesome. I didn't realize just how many songs of his that I liked. I will say that his 'opener' was a bit lame. It was this DJ alone on the stage remixing some of his songs in a club style. I think I would have liked it in the right type of setting but at a sit down show when you are stuck in a seat. After 25 minutes of it I was definitely relieved to see Paul and his crew come out on stage. He made up for it too with over 3 hours of amazing music and stories. (and if I recall about 5 encores!) I must say that I really enjoyed it... and would have loved a chance to just play on the gorgeous grand he had on stage! <-- just a bit jealous here! hah Seeing him in concert was a well payed for ticket. Very awesome.

Anyhow, I've been busy working on a CD which I plan to release soon. I'm pretty excited about it but there are always those hesitations in the back of my head... things like, "will people like it? will it sell? will my time making it be worth it?" I think the biggest question is the "like" factor. I want to create stuff that people will like, not just easily forgotten items. Once I have this CD finished though I have 2 more nearly completed and I think I'm going to push to finish them and have some quick releases.

My side jobs are fun. I love the digital scrapbooking with both my clients and my students. There is so much to teach and so many people who are ready to make the move to digital. I love the excitement in the eyes of my students as they learn new techniques and see their skills develope. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy teaching! I definately love it. I also like having some clients. They give me a reason to scrap outside my own zone and rather look into scrapping to their styles and tastes.

I'm also working on an art set designed mostly by hand and then scanned and altered a little with the computer. I hope to see if a local gallery might display it and give me feedback... we'll see on that, one can never be sure but I enjoy letting my creativity flow out into different forms.

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching I can hardly believe that we've been back in the U.S. nearly 10 months. It is crazy. Time flies. I still haven't acclimated to life here. I keep being told that I have to make it through the first year and then it isn't so bad. So... stay tuned for an update at the end of March 06 Haha!

More to come!


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