Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Do you know that spot, between half awake and half asleep, where things just seem real but really aren't?

Well that is where I found myself this morning at about 6 am. Something in the valley was burning and I could smell it... it triggered a memory of Japan so vivid... and the morning was grey with clouds, so like Misawa that I nearly thought I was waking up there. In that hazy moment between being awak and being asleep I could smell the rice paddies burning... it is a smell I remember well from this time of year. I must say I actually like that smell. Laying in bed this morning I thought for sure I was still in Japan... that is until I fully openned my eyes and had a look at my surroundings.

It was like my mind rushed to the present and suddenly I realized I was just here, not in Japan. It was at that moment I realized how unlike "home" things feel for me here. Despite trying to adjust I'm still in limbo. I'm surprised how vivid a memory the smell of the fire triggered and just how homesick I felt for it! Odd and yet to me, not odd.

So the day itself was fine. I finished the design work for my daughters birthday invitations and took the kids out to the fire station where sweet Zee hooked us up with a great tour. The kids enjoyed coloring in the books she gave them and playing "fire escape" in the afternoon.

For the most part I think today was fairly normal from all standpoints, except from that feeling I had in the morning... it lingers a bit too. But I can't complain. It is good to miss something you loved.

:) until the next post, keep on!


Blogger Rob Sykes said...

Hey Kristi,

Good to see ya finally. You haven't aged a bit girl. What's your secret? Hehehe...Well despite the busy life I see your still able to take care of yourself. Way to go SUPER MOM!!!!
Just wanted to let you know that I found out that our reunion is this coming summer. My mom heard on the radio this past week. Just wanted to give you the news and say hi. Give the family my love and keep sane. :) Love Ya,


10:15 PM  

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